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Needs Assessment Quesions
When developing your company image it is important to take assessment of your current position and ask the following questions realistically and then ask yourself what changes to make to match your vision for the future.

Who are your customers? What is your target market? From what areas do you draw most of your traffic and how do they break down by percentages? What types of advertising do you currently use to promote your business and does it fit your target market? Should the decision to use that media be re-evaluated? What media have you used and stopped using and why? How do you set your advertising budget and how does it fit with your local competition and national statistics? What do you estimate your share of the market to be currently and where do you see it in the next 5 years? Who do you perceive to be your competitors and  why? What is your "unique selling position" and does everyone in your business know what it is? What would you like to accomplish with each campaign?

These are starting questions on your journey to growing and understanding your "vision" for your business. They will help you develop your business model. This model will shape where you and everyone in your business will hang their hats, and become very comfortable with before moving forward.

Go to the Contact Us or Guestbook and ask other questions. We may use these in future pages. Better yet give us a call or Email  us to work with you directly. It is important that you get your  questions answered,  so we can better understand the"line of vision" for your future.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011 
Advertising in a Down Economy
Successful Marketing and Advertising Strategies:
  • Increase the use of testimonials
  • Offer money-back guarantees
  • Encourage consumer trial
  • Introduce new unique products
  • Maintain or increase advertising exposure
  • Shift the message to a logical appeal
  • Send reassuring market messages
  • Incorporate measurable messages and media.
  • Review pricing strategies
  • Offer additional value-added services
  • Concentrate on what the business does best
  • Focus on the competitive advantage
  • Market to your core customer base
  • Learn the competitors' marketing strategies
  • Test and track advertising for impact
  • Monitor market share, not just sales volume

In a down economy you can not afford to make media buying decisions that do not line up with your vision and plan. Measurable results are not a shot gun approach but a "precision surgical operation." You are hit daily with all types of media representatives that say their newspaper, station, on-line site or company is THE answer to  your marketing needs. They say that they are really in your corner and have your best interest...but do they? Please let us help with that "precision surgical operation." We are not affiliated with any one media and when you work with us, we become your true Media Parters. Your vision becomes our vision!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011
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